The DC Pinball League is the only pinball league in Washington, D.C. played in the DC locations: Black Cat and Lyman's Tavern. 

League comprises an 8 week season and finals on a separate day after league has concluded.  Groups of 3 or 4 players will compete against each other on 4 games.  Points awarded are 3/2/2/1 for 4 player groups and 3/2/1 for 3 player groups.  Players get to drop their 2 lowest weekly scores.  The top 16 players will play in A and the next 16 players will compete in B division of finals.  Players rated under 500 in IFPA are restricted to the A division.

The DC Pinball League is also part of the Pintervention Circuit Championship and all participants will receive Pintervention tokens towards qualifying in the top 40 for the finals.

Next League and Party Info

Spring season starts on Thursday, April 19th!

Post-season party has been scheduled for March 24th at Kevin's house in McLean, Va

Spring Schedule

Week definition:
Thursday through Monday

Week 1:
Thursday 4/19 @ Lyman's
Sunday 4/22 @ Black Cat
Monday 4/23 @ Lyman's

Week 8:
Thursday 6/7 @ Lyman's
Sunday 6/10 @ Black Cat
Monday 6/11 @ Lyman's

Saturday 4/16 @ 1pm
Lyman's Tavern

League Locations and Times

Lyman's Tavern
Thu @ 8:30pm & Mon @ 2pm
3720 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 723-0502

Black Cat
Sun @ 7:30pm
1811 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 667-4490



Season Due: $20 per player

Random draw for groupings, 3 or 4 player groups.  Play 4 games. 

Order and Game Choice
1st game: First player has choice of game, players play in order on score sheet
2nd - 4th game:  Last place player on previous game has choice of game or order, followed by third place, second place and then first place player from previous game

4 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 2pts, 4th - 1pt
3 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 1pt
2 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 1pt

Lowest 2 weekly scores are dropped.  Players are seeded based on cumulative score for top 6 league weekly scores.  Top 16 players are in A division, next 16 players are in B division.  Players under IFPA ranking of 500 are restricted to A division.  League organizers reserve the right to include certain players above 500 in A if their skill level warrants the restriction.  Restricted players must make A or they do not qualify for finals. 

A and B divisions. PAPA style playoffs, 4 player groups.  Points are awarded: 1st - 4, 2nd - 2, 3rd - 1, 4th - 0 for playoff games.  3 games per match.  Top 2 players in each match advance to the next round.  Tie-breakers for top 4 final positions, or to determine player that advances from non-final round.

League finalists are determined by regular season points combined with points earned during finals.  Players can earn points for each round (up to 3 rounds).  B division players are awarded 50% of their finals points towards overall league standings.

Final payouts will be determined by total number of league participants.
Three prize pools:  League finalists, A division finals and B division finalists (1st through 3rd/4th depending on number of league players). 

World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) Points
All participants will receive WPPR points based on their performance.

Official Rules

See Official Rules for more details on format, finals, extra balls, etc.

Past Seasons' Results

Season League Winner A Div. Winner B Div. Winner
Fall 2016 n/a Kevin Stone Kevin Perone
Winter 2017 Kevin Stone Kevin Stone Sarah Guynn
Spring 2017 Fil Baird Greg Boehm Douglas J. Malcolm
Summer 2017 Kevin Stone Kevin Stone Douglas J. Malcolm
Fall 2017 Kevin Stone Kevin Stone Mollie Lee
Winter 2018 Kevin Stone Fil Baird Jamie Hall

Current Standings

Pending start of season...

Machines @ Black Cat

Bride of Pinbot




Laser Cue

Mata Hari

Royal Rumble

Star Trek Next Generation

The Shadow

Machines @ Lyman’s Tavern

Attack from Mars



Judge Dredd


PBR Can Crusher

Star Trek

Star Wars (Stern)

The Simpsons Pinball Party


Walking Dead