Rich Wickersham, our host, put together another great pinball tournament and BBQ.  We had a total of 36 players, with 34 paid entries.  Our host and Scott Sidley were comped due to all the effort put into getting the tournament ready.  Thank you both for such a great effort.  The machines played fair and fast all day.  A few exceptions and we took some games out of the tournament, but that is to be expected with such a wide range of games and eras.

Rich's 20 hour pulled pork was amazing, as was Randy Bissett's smoked fish.  Plenty of other food and drinks were available, and everyone seemed to get their fill of good food and drink.

Congratulations to Justin Bath who took first place in the main tournament.  Edan Grossman took 2nd, following by Kevin Stone and Dave Hubbard.

Tournament Information

Rich Wickersham's annual BBQ and pinball tournament will be held on August 13, 2016 at his house.


  • Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Event
  • Doors open at 2pm
  • Tournament starts at 3pm
  • Entry fee is $20
  • Top 4 finishers will win the prize pool at 40/30/20/10% for 1st through 4th place
  • Approximately $5 per player will go towards expenses and Pintervention Championship prize pool
  • Limit of 34 players for the tournament

4 strike knockout format with 4 player groups when possible, where 3rd and 4th place receive a strike in each match.
Side tournament:  $3 per entry, played on one game, highest 4 scores play in a playoff to determine final place.

Entry Fee / Expenses / Payouts

Entry Fee Type # of Players Sub-Total
Total $680
Paid Players ($15) 34 $680
Comped ($0) 2 $0
Expense Type Amount
Total $180
Food Reimbursement $130
Pintervention Fund $50
Prize Pool Amount
Total $500
1st $200
2nd $150
3rd $100
4th $50

Final Results

Detailed results of each round can be found on MatchPlay

Note: 3rd place tie-breaker won by Kevin Stone vs. Dave Hubbard on Dr. Who

Place Player Tokens
1st Justin Bath 100
2nd Edan Grossman 75
3rd Kevin Stone 60
4th Dave Hubbard 50
T-5th Ed Most 43
T-5th Jake Peterson 43
T-7th Austin Mackert 33
T-7th Paul McGlone 33
T-9th Bayless Rutherford 27
T-9th Steve Kapinos 27
T-11th Bob S. Johnson 20
T-11th Chris Newsom 20
T-11th CJ Brown 20
T-11th Ken Van Pool 20
T-11th Rob Wintler-Cox 20
T-16th Eric Schoch 11
T-16th Francis Parks 11
T-16th Gilles Melanson 11
T-16th Mario Adractas 11
T-16th Scott Sidley 11
T-16th Tom Feick 11
T-22nd Ben Bain 5
T-22nd Gregg Giblin 5
T-22nd Phil Rogoff 5
T-22nd Randy Bissett 5
T-26th Daniel Cotter 5
T-26th Jeff Prunier 5
T-26th Lindsey Most 5
T-26th Mike Slade 5
T-26th Shawn Hillman 5
T-26th Steve Stakem 5
T-32nd Caroline Creekman 5
T-32nd George Arfken 5
T-32nd James Daley 5
T-35th Rich Wickersham 5
T-35th Sam Musgrave 5

Main Tournament Games

Alien Poker

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Demolition Man

Doctor Who

Flash Gordon

Future Spa

Kiss (Stern)

Lord of the Rings

Mata Hari




Twilight Zone

Supersonic (maybe)

Side Games / Backup Machines

Dungeons & Dragons

Kiss (Stern)