Pinball and BBQ tournament and party.

Tournament Information

Rich Wickersham's annual BBQ and pinball tournament will be held on June 29, 2019 at his house.


  • Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Event
  • Doors open at 2pm
  • Tournament starts at 3:30pm
  • Entry fee is $20
  • Top 4 finishers will win the prize pool at 40/30/20/10% for 1st through 4th place
  • Approximately $2 per player will go towards expenses and Pintervention Championship prize pool
  • Limit of 45 players for the tournament

4 strike knockout format with 4 player groups when possible, where 3rd and 4th place receive a strike in each match.

Entry Fee / Expenses / Payouts

Final Results

Pending results...

Main Tournament Games

Alien Poker

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Demolition Man

Doctor Who

Flash Gordon

Future Spa

Kiss (Stern)

Lord of the Rings

Mata Hari




Twilight Zone

Supersonic (maybe)

Side Games / Backup Machines

Dungeons & Dragons

Kiss (Stern)