Tournament Information:

The 3rd annual VBH PinGolf Championships, hosted by Joe Kosack.  Located at the Volleyball House in Elkridge, Maryland.  This tournament features one of the more fun formats in pinball similar to golf.  Each 'hole' represents a goal to achieve on a specific pinball machine.  A player's score is determined by how many balls it takes to achieve the goal, or a maximum such as 6 if the goal is not achieved.

Full details including sign-ups for  a specific tee time can be found here at the official event's FaceBook page:


  • Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Event
  • Doors open at around 9am (check official even page for confirmation)
  • Tournament starts at 10am, but individual player tee times may vary throughout the day
  • Entry fee is $20
  • Top 4 finishers will win the prize pool at 40/30/20/10% for 1st through 4th place, minus Pintervention prize pool fee (pending verification from Joe)
  • Total of $50 from prize pool will go towards Pintervention Championship prize pool

PinGolf with a playoff.  See official FaceBook event page for full details on format.

Final Results

Place Player Tokens
1st Justin Day 100
2nd Justin Bath 75
3rd Rob Wintler-Cox 60
4th Barry Schwartz 50
5th Joe Kosack 45
6th Rob Thomas 40
7th Jason Charlton 35
8th Richard Achterberg 30
9th Howard Dobson 28
10th Brian Nalley 25
10th Max Baskin 25
12th David Pacileo 22
13th Steve Stakem 20
14th Audrey Bonsignore 18
15th Bayless Rutherford 15
15th Steve Peck 15
17th Elaine Pacileo 13

Game Lineup

Subject to Change


Alien Poker




Dr. Who

Eight Ball Champ

High Speed

Iron Man

Laser Cue

Medieval madness


Pirates of the Caribbean

Time Warp

Transformers LE