When and Where

  • Flippers Arcade and Variety store in Grandy, NC
  • April and November tournaments
  • Usually 1 day, but 2016 November is 3 day PAPA Circuit event

The Experience

Flipper’s is one of the hidden gems of pinball on the east coast. Located just outside of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, it is home to most modern Sterns (most of which are Limited Editions) and some of the more rare games in existence. The first Flipper’s tournament was another of my first tournaments. In subsequent years I was able to provide needed guidance on machine settings and determining which games to include based on known issues or problems with machines in tournaments. I also provided some guidance on playoff formats. In 2016 I will be assisting the Fall tournament as it has now been included in the PAPA Circuit. Always a fun time at Flipper’s.

More Info

See the Flippers web-site or their Facebook page for more information on games, location and tournaments.