Pinholics Anonymous proudly presents the Pinabler Tour, a two month long tournament held every month at location(s) in the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore Metro area. The Pinabler Tour is a Selfie tournament, which is the hottest thing in pinball since the invention of the super league.

What is a Selfie tournament???  It's simple.  Play any of the selected games at a location and if you get a good score you want to keep, take a selfie on your phone and post it on the page, or email the director.  Improve your score?  Take another selfie and repost.  Your best score on each machine is the only one that counts.

Points are awarded for each game based on how good it is versus all other players' best scores within each location.  The total of the best 3 games out of the 4 selected games in the tournament is your final score.  The top 2 players from each location are automatically qualified for the playoffs.  Additional players will qualify for the playoffs based on factors listed in the official rules.


Qualifying: FREE
Finals: $25 per player
Locations:  Play one or more locations, your best location score will be counted, others ignored

Every two months, each location is a separate and distinct qualifier towards the overall playoffs/finals.
Qualifying: Anytime during business hours of location
Playoffs: Weekend following end of bimonthly qualifying, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Qualifying: Modified Herb best game (CAX scoring), unlimited qualifying, submit scores via selfie photo (or just a photo with the score, an actual selfie is not required)
Finals: Top n qualifiers, PAPA style playoffs, seeding based on final standings, byes to top players, based on number of players per location (see Official Rules)

Prizes and Fees
Prizes: Based on number of players (see Official Rules)
IFPA Player Dues: $1 / player goes towards IFPA to become a sanctioned event awarding WPPRs
Pintervention Championship:
 $20 from prize pool goes towards Pintervention Championship.

World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) Points
All participants will receive WPPR points based on their performance.  Players that don't qualify or play in the finals will be awarded points based on their final qualifying position.  Players in the finals will be awarded points based on their finishing position in the finals.


  1. Create a MatchPlay.Events account here
  2. Join the tournament by searching on Pinabler and selecting the current month and location(s) where you want to play
  3. When done with a game you want to keep, take a selfie with the score and yourself in the picture
  4. Submit the picture and score with the location's Submit Score link below

Alternate method of submitting scores: email your scores to this email address. You may also use the contact form to get the email address directly from the director.

Feb/Mar Links & Nov/Dec/Jan Qualifying Results

Location Feb/Mar Scores Nov/Dec/Jan
Black Cat Standings Submit Scores Final Results
Carpool Standings Submit Scores n/a
CrabTowne Standings Submit Scores Final Results
Holy Frijoles Standings Submit Scores Final Results
Lyman's Tavern Standings Submit Scores Final Results
Red Zone n/a n/a Final Results
Silverball Sanctum Standings Submit Scores n/a
Volleyball House Standings Submit Scores n/a
VÜK Standings Submit Scores Final Results

Finals Schedule and Results

2016 Results

Month Location Date/Time Winner Full Results
May Red Zone Friday, June 3rd @ 8pm Austin Mackert Results
June Red Zone Friday, July 8th @ 8pm David Horner Results
July Red Zone Saturday, August 6th @ 7pm Rob Wintler-Cox Results
August Red Zone Saturday, September 10th @ 2pm Austin Mackert Results
September Red Zone Friday, October 7th @ 7pm Austin Mackert Results
October CrabTowne Saturday, November 12th @ 2pm Dave Hubbard Results
November VÜK Sunday, December 11th @ 4:30pm Alex Jeffrey Results
December Red Zone Saturday, January 14th @ 2pm Kevin Stone Results

2017 Schedule and Results

Month Location Date/Time Winner Full Results
Jan/Feb Lyman's Tavern Saturday, March 11th @ 2pm Edan Grossman Results
Mar/Apr Red Zone Saturday, May 13th @ 1pm Kevin Stone Results
May/Jun VÜK Saturday, July 8th @ 1pm Douglas J Malcolm Results
Jul/Aug Lyman's Tavern Saturday, September 9th @ 1pm Dave Hubbard Results
Sep/Oct Crabtowne Saturday, November 11th @ 12pm Justin Bath Results
Nov/Dec/Jan Holy Frijoles Saturday, February 10th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...

2018 Schedule and Results

Month Location Date/Time Winner Full Results
February/March VÜK Saturday, April 14th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...
April/May Black Cat Saturday, June 9th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...
June/July Carpool Saturday, August 11th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...
August/September Lyman's Tavern Saturday, October 6th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...
October/November Crabtowne Saturday, December 8th @ 1pm Pending... Pending...
December/January TBD TBD Pending... Pending...


Tour Map

Location Address and Information (Click for details)

Black Cat

Address Hours of Operation Web-site
1811 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 667-4490
Su: 7pm-2am
M-Th: 6:30pm-2am
F: 6:30pm-3am
Sa: 7pm-3am


Address Hours of Operation Web-site
12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy
Fairfax, VA 22033
(703) 222-7665
Su: 12pm-1am
M-F: 4pm-2am
Sa: 12pm-2am


Address Hours of Operation Web-site
1500 Crain Hwy S
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 761-6118
Closed Wednesday
Su-Th: 11am-11pm
F-Sa: 11am-12am

Holy Frijoles

Address Hours of Operation Web-site
908 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 235-2326
Sa-Su: 12pm-2am
M-F: 11am-2am

Lyman's Tavern

Address Hours of Operation Web-site
3720 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 723-0502
Su-Sa: 11am-2am Lyman's Facebook Page

Silverball Sanctum

Address Hours of Operation Web-site
22977 Eaglewood Ct
Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 481-1313
Real Time UpdatesReal Time Updates
Likely Times
Closed Thursday
M-F: 6pm-10pm
Sa: 1pm-10pm
Su: 1pm-6pm

Volleyball House

Address Hours of Operation Web-site
5635 Furnace Ave
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 579-1007
No set hours, call


Address Hours of Operation Web-site
4924 Saint Elmo Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 652-8000
Closed Monday
Su-Th: 12pm-10pm
Fr-Sa: 12pm-12am
VÜK Facebook page

Game Bank - February/March 2018

Black Cat


Laser Cue

Star Trek The Next Generation

The Hobbit


Harley Davidson


Strikes and Spares

The Addam's Family

Lyman's Tavern

PBR Can Crusher

The Simpsons Pinball Party

Star Trek

Star Wars (Stern)




Game of Thrones

Medieval Madness


Demo Man

Game of Thrones



Holy Frijoles

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Elvira and the Party Monsters

Terminator 2

White Water

Silverball Sanctum

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Captain Fantastic

Jungle Lord

Star Wars (Stern)



Guardians of the Galaxy


Total Nuclear Annihilation

Official Rules

See Official Rules for more details on format, finals, extra balls, etc.