Local league information for the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore, MD region.  Comprising the DC Pinball League, FSPA Pinball League, Crabtowne Pinball Club League, and the Friday Night Translights house league.  Find a league and play any night of the week except Saturday.

See the Regional Calendar for a full list of upcoming local, regional and national tournaments, leagues and shows.

DC Pinball League (new name coming soon)

The DC Pinball League is comprised of two locations on 14th St NW, Washington DC:

  • Black Cat
  • Lyman's Tavern

Players can choose to play at either location on one of three weekly league meets.  The league is 8 weeks long and players drop their two worst performances.  Players can only play at one weekly meet but may guest at the other two.  Players can play different locations/meets each week.

League locations, days and times

  • Lyman's Tavern @ 8:30pm on Thursdays
  • Black Cat @ 7:30pm on Sundays
  • Lyman's Tavern @ 2:00pm on Mondays

Information page with league standings and results

Free State Pinball Association (FSPA)

The Free State Pinball Association (FSPA) is comprised of five leagues at their own locations throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Players can play as many FSPA leagues as they choose.  All are distinct from one another.  Each league is 10 weeks long and result in a Finals on week '11'.  Players may 'bank' scores on machines in the event of absence.

League locations, days and times

  • VÜK in Bethesda @ 4:30pm on Sundays
  • Lost Rhino in Sterling @ 7:00pm on Wednesdays
  • Volleyball House in Elkridge @ 8:00pm on Wednesdays
  • Carpool in Fairfax @ 8:00pm on Thursdays
  • Spinners in Frederic @ 8:00pm on Thursdays

Information page with league standings and results

Crabtowne Pinball Club League

The Crabtowne Pinball Club League is a league held at Crabtowne in Glen Burnie, Maryland

The league is 8 weeks long and points are cumulative to determine who makes Finals. 

League is held on Tuesdays @ 8pm.

Information page with league standings and results

Friday Night Translights (FNTL)

The Friday Night Translights League is a house league in the Virginia and Maryland.

The league is played roughly every other Friday night at houses in the region.  Players are grouped with 3 other players and play five games, earning 7, 5, 3 or 1 point per game depending on their finish versus the other players.  There are six league nights as well as finals.

There are also door prizes and an official sponsor by Playfield Protectors.

League location addresses are private and available to league members.

Information page with league standings and results