Tournament Information:

Dan and Kathy Quinn are hosting the fourth annual Pinball for Penny Charity tournament at the Solace Brewing company on October 20th, 2019.  This tournament will donate all entry fees and donations to INOVA Children's Hospital NICU .  Previous years provided donations to INOVA Children's Hospital NICU and the March of Dimes.

Prizes for attendees at this moment are intended to be prizes from Stern and other pinball manufacturers in lieu of cash prizes.  This may change depending on how things develop.  The prizes will be updated on this page once finalized.

Sponsors for Pinball for Penny 2019: to be updated.

Pinholics Anonymous will not be receiving $50 from the entry fees/charity donations, but this event will still be included in the Pintervention Circuit Championship.


  • Pinholics Anonymous Pintervention Circuit Event
  • Doors open at 12pm
  • Tournament starts at 1pm
  • Entry fee is $20
  • Limit of 32 players for the tournament

Main tournament:  4 strike knockout format with 4 player groups when possible, where 3rd and 4th place receive a strike in each match.
Side tournament:  Arcade game side tournament(s) (possible but not yet confirmed).

To sign-up and register for the tournament, please send an email to with the Subject "Pinball for Penny Registration" and provide your name and state your intent to play.  Current sign-ups will be maintained on this web-page.  In the event you must cancel, please send an email to the same address with the Subject "Pinball for Penny Registration" and provide your name and confirm your cancellation.  Any questions just send an email to the same address.


Solace Brewing Company
42615 Trade W Dr #100, Sterling, VA 20166

Sign-Up Status (0 of 32 spots open)

  • Dan Quinn (host)
  • Kevin Stone (director)
  • AC Camacho
  • Angela Pecora
  • Bryan Henson
  • Christa Turpin
  • Dave Snyder
  • Donna Wotring
  • Edan Grossman
  • Edgar Wotring
  • Eric Banker
  • Flavia Amariei
  • Gilles Melanson
  • Jessy Ring
  • Joe Brewer
  • Jon Flanders
  • Jose Chong
  • Kara Banker
  • Kathy Quinn
  • Lucas Banker
  • Max Voelker
  • Paul McGlone
  • Rich Schoske
  • Robert Turpin
  • Stephanie Traub
  • Steve Clapp
  • Susan Williams
  • Tauni Voelker
  • Vaughan Spencer
  • Viorel Amariei
  • Will Johnson
  • William Cromarty

Final Results

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Machine Lineup

Attack From Mars

Eight Ball Deluxe


Ghost Buster

Medieval Madness

Metallica Premium

Theatre of Magic

Walking Dead

World Cup Soccer