Pintervention Circuit race for first is tightening

The Pintervention Circuit Championship  now has a total of 257 players that have competed in a circuit event.  What is amazing is that first and second place spots at the moment are only 5 points apart.  465 to 460 points.  The first place seed is very valuable in the finals.  Justin Bath holds a slight edge on Dave Hubbard; however, Dave only has 7 events.  Only the best 10 events count towards a player’s total, so a few more events and Dave will likely leap-frog Justin for first place, unless Justin has another first or second place finish.  In a striking range third place is Fil Baird who gets a chance for a first place at the DC Pinball League finals coming up in December.

Who will win the coveted first place seed in this season’s Pintervention Circuit Championship?  We shall see….