Pinabler Tour Results and remaining Pintervention Events for 2017

The final Pinabler Tour for 2017 Pintervention Circuit Championship is in the books, and by winning, Justin Bath has jumped back into a significant lead for the top seed with 583 total tokens, followed by Dave Hubbard with 508 tokens.  There are four Pintervention circuit events remaining to earn more tokens and jockey for seeds for the championship.

The first Pinabler Tour for the 2018 Pintervention Circuit Championship has begun and will run from November through January.  There will be a slight rule change regarding points awarded for qualifying at each location.  Locations will be weighted based on the total number of players at each location; therefore, the more players the more points will be awarded.  This will help break ties and also reward locations with the most players to avoid a small location providing top seed players when they only competed against a few other players, which results in a much easier path to a perfect 300 qualifying points.

The official rules will be updated once the new weighting formula is finalized.