At the finish line, an epic conclusion for Pintervention Circuit 2017

The Pintervention Circuit Championship qualifying for 2017 came down to an epic conclusion, with Dave Hubbard barely taking the lead versus Justin Bath in the last game played of the Pinholics Anonymous Periodic Meeting.  It even came down to the 3rd place tie-breaker after the final round was completed.

Dave took the lead by 10 points overall, giving him the top seed for the Championship to be played on January 27th.  Dave had not yet played a 10th event, allowing him to use all the points he obtained at the periodic meeting/tournament on December 16th, where he earned 60 points.  Justin Bath earned 75 points but dropped a 27 point tournament since only the best 10 scores are used.  His net of 48 was enough for Dave to take the lead.  See the final qualifying list on the Pintervention Circuit page.  Invites will go out first week of January.

The Periodic tournament was also a blast with a record number of 59 players.  We even had a brief visit from Santa Claus, and is on video on the results page for all to see.

Virginia State championship will be held at the Richmond Pinball Collective on January 20th.  The final seeds appear completed on the VA SCS standings page, but formal invites will go out on January 7th.